Tiger Scouts – 1st Grade

Tiger Cubs is an exciting introduction to the scouting program for first graders (or 7 years old) excited to get going! Tiger Cubs do stuff – lots of stuff – with their adult partners. This program is intended to open up the world to inquisitive minds along with the caring guidance of adults. The first steps along the Scout Trail are laid here and every rank advancement through the Scouting program builds on the basic categories of activity done as Tigers.

The Tiger Cub badge is presented to Cub Scouts who have completed six required adventures and one elective adventure. The required adventures are:

  • Backyard Jungle (nature)
  • Team Tiger (teamwork)
  • Games Tigers Play (physical fitness)
  • Tiger Bites (nutrition)
  • Tigers in the Wild (hiking)
  • My Family’s Duty to God (faith)

Once a Cub Scout, or all the Cub Scouts in a Den, earn their Tiger Cub badge, it should be presented to the Scout’s adult partner at a Pack Meeting, who then presents it to the Cub Scout. The badge is sewn on the left pocket of the Tiger Scout uniform.

Attendance at Den events is important – for both the Scout and adult partner. Of course, if a Cub Scout has a conflict with a Den event, they can perform that activity with their adult partner at some other time.