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October 20, 2018 – October 21, 2018 all-day America/Denver Timezone


I hope you will be able to join us at Chaco Canyon this weekend. This
is a remote but spectacular place to visit. Please see here for
information about the park:

You can read about the route here:

Park Visitor’s Center Phone Number: (505) 786-7014

If you need to permission slip you can find it at the website here along
with an information flyer:

If you are planning to go please turn in your permission slips in at the
meeting tomorrow night (MON OCT 14). We will conduct planning for the
campout at the meeting.

NOTE: I’d appreciate it if one of the Adults would volunteer to be
responsible leader for the younger scout hike to Pueblo Alto as I will
be going to Penasco Blanco. Please see me at the meeting if you are

The campsite has a bathroom with running water and there is potable
water at the park office/visitor’s center but we will bring several
filled water containers just in case. In anticipation of a larger crowd
for this campout we have two group campsites which allows us 5 vehicles
each. If you are planning to drive please do not plan to bring a low
vehicle. Pickups, SUVs and higher off the round Vans will work.
Typically you can make it out there in a car but if the weather turns
bad it could be difficult.

Saturday we should arrive before lunch. We will set up camp when we
arrive and then head out to our respective hikes. We have two hikes
planned. A longer hike, for the older boys will be from the trailhead
to Penasco Blanco. This is an 8 mile round-trip. While at Penasco we
will look for the pictographs of the Crab Nebula and the Crescent moon.
There will be all sorts of pictographs and petroglyphs to see on the
canyon walls along the way as well. The younger boys will hike up to
Pueblo Alto through a very cool crack in the canyon wall. Once on top
you will be able to wonder around Pueblo Alto, see the Great North Road
and also look back down into the canyon. Neither of these hikes is
really strenuous but the Pueblo Alto hike requires hiking up a staircase
through the canyon wall.

It will be important to get on with our respective hikes as soon as
possible after arrival and is the reason why we have asked you to bring
a bag lunch for Saturday.

Weather/Sky permitting there will be a night sky program on Saturday
night which will consist of a talk about Chaco canyon and then following
will be night sky viewing with the telescopes provided by the park
service (over at the visitor’s center). If you have them, I’d suggest
that you bring a pair of binoculars and a star chart. We should plan to
prepare dinner and be done by the time the nigth sky program starts at
6:30pm. It typically lasts for two hours.

We will have breakfast and then take the opportunity to visit some of
the Great Houses on Sunday morning (we will start with Pueblo Bonito and
see how far we get). Once done with the great house visit we will head
back to camp to have lunch and pack-up. Please plan to prepare a simple
lunch (ie. no cooking) of sandwiches, chips, cookies and a drink or similar.

We will be taking the route through Cuba which will be about 2
hrs/45mins. We will stop once in Cuba to refuel, buy junk food and use
the bathroom as needed.

Right now the weather looks to be partly cloudy on Saturday and partly
sunny on Sunday (higher likelihood of light rain on Sunday). There
might be some light rain here and there on both days. Temperature on
Saturday night will be in the mid 30s. Sat and Sun highs expected to be
around 58F and 64F, respectively. Please come prepared for rain and
cold…just in case. Bring wool blankets to augment your sleeping bags
if you don’t have very good sleeping bags. Bringing an insulated mat to
put on the ground under your sleeping bag is a good idea. Do not use an
air-matress unless it is insulated (you *will* regret it).

If you have any questions see me tomorrow at the meeting.


Paul Donner

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